The 2022 Metaverse Silicon Valley Fashion Week press conference, co-organized by Star Alliance Culture In and NEONEWYORK, will be held in San Jose on May 22 from 2pm to 4pm.

Join us for this press conference. We will be announcing the 2022 Metaverse Silicon Valley Fashion Week — which will include not only traditional fashion runways, but also will combine high-tech such as virtual space production, 3D model construction, 360-degree VR video recording, a model body dynamic collection, construction of a decentralized NFT, production and other post-processes.

Select fashion designer works and models will also receive part of the profits generated by the NFTs. There will be more than 40 models, 20 photographers and members of the media from all walks of life on the press conference day, and we will also invite a number of business, political and fashion celebrities to the scene.

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